NEW Christie Swadling Gut Reset Powders!
NEW Christie Swadling Gut Reset Powders!
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NKED consists of products that are NUTRITIONALLY EFFECTIVE whilst still being plant based, gluten and refined sugar free.
NKED shares a message of being sexy for your self with a core essence of Self Love... You are your number one priority and looking and feeling good NKED starts from within. 
The products include an Inner Health range for gut, beauty and greens, A Lean H20 blend you can add to your water, Bare products and Super Boosts. Including protein based treats. Coming in January are lean plant based proteins.
NKED is cute, sexy, fun descriptives on the packaging that play a little with botox, dating and looking sexy...its about being real, doing what works for you, and knowing what is good for you and what isn't (no booty calls ;)